I'm Ron Teunissen
born on August 13, 1959
Married (April 17, 2009) Carla de Boer, together we have four children.

My profession was pharmacy assistant at the
Royal Dutch Army and have already been six times to a military tour in that position.
I came into contact with this hobby after a tour in Afghanistan in 2003.

I, liked the "blue stones" I had bought at the local market (on the base).
This gorgeous Lapis Lazuli is the ultimate cause of this hobby.

In the Netherlands arrived, I visited a number of sites to figure out what it was, and above "what it was worth!" I quickly found a site of Foundation Geological Activities, known as GEA.

On an evening I went to the GEA club in Leusden. There  was a black box with some luminous stones. It was due to lack of space for sale!

What I liked turned out to be , Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan, also proved this luminous stones have a special attraction to me, so I did a bid. That evening I came home with a cabinet and two bags filled with 136 Fluorescent stones.
My new hobby was born. Of course, I later joined GEA and now I go every year with the association on an excursion to look for minerals.


The archiving of my collections I do in an Access database by Rik Dillen (MCA), which by now what has been revamped.
Meanwhile I registered over 800 stones, which mostly are  fluorescent. Feel free to check the images in the photo galleries, or ävailable". Most of the pictures were taken with a Nikon D610  and illuminated with a "Way too cool" lamp. (254-310-352 nm.).

My others hobbies are (of course) photography, petanque (jeu de boules) and: spending time with my wife Carla.

© 2017 Ron Teunissen  

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