Fluorescence is widely used. Thus, it is already widely used in postage stamps (or postmarks) so that with the aid of UV-light can be automatically sorted. Often invisible stripes, but also ink is used to decorate images.     
Paper is often bleached thus under normal light (which includes long wave UV) to  
give a blue / white fluorescent effect, making it appear whiter!     
Banknotes are equipped with UV markings to prove authenticity. ·
The advertising world uses fluorescent ink to drop the ad.     
It is used in clothing, music videos, theater shows and advertising lights.     
In criminology fingerprints detected with fluorescent powder.  
In the mining industry was uranium often easier to find with a UV-lamp
with a Geiger counter.     
In ophthalmology, the eye is treated with fluorescein, after which the eye is
illuminated with a UV lamp. Damages are then clearly visible.     
In laboratories are numerous applications to make preparations visible.     
As mentioned earlier, is frequently used in the food industry for the bactericidal activity, as water is also often treated, and is, inter alia, the built-in pond pumps.

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