This energy pulse caused by the uv-light moves an electron to a higher peel, but the electron can not hold his position, and shoot back to its former position. The whole process is a part of the lost energy ( Heat). These lower energy released now has a frequency which is visible. This broadcast from sight by all imaginable colors. The mineral is a light source! This is called fluorescence.



What are the causes of fluorescence?
  • The tendency to fluoresce it is especially bad conductors. Almost all minerals with metallic luster or submetalic not!
  • The purer the mineral, the less chance of fluorescentiron, nickel, cobalt or copper minerals (> 1%): hardly!    Impurities (contamination of other substances)
  • Uranyl ion (UO2) 2+ in e.g. Opal and chalcedony
  • manganese (Mn 2+) ion is one of the most-important causes of fluorescence. Chromium (Cr 3+) in emerald or Disulfide ion (S2) into sodalite    
  • Intrinsic factors (internal factors due to the presence of certain elements in the molecules).
  • Uranyl ion (UO2) 2+ titanium Lead and mercury, certain ions (WO4) 2 (Tung State ion) or (Moo4) 2 Molhybdate     
  • Defects in crystal lattices

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